Musée de sciences biologiques Docteur Mérieux

Friends of the Museum

The museum was designed, created and managed by a not-for-profit-association. Didier Hübsch was the first chairman, and the association is now in the capable hands of Bernard de l’Escaille.

The museum is also supported by another association «the Friends of the Museum» association – which was created in April 2008. Its aim is to:
- Bring together former, current and future friends and colleagues of the Mérieux Foundation, Sanofi Pasteur, bioMérieux and Merial.
- Actively promote the museum (as an example of the promotion of industrial heritage).
- Help manage the museum.
- Organize events (such as temporary exhibitions and conferences) on topical issues relating to vaccines, biological diagnostics and emerging infectious diseases.

Would you like to support the museum? Then why not become an active member or a donor of our association?
Fill out the form (which you can download) and send it to the museum in the post along with your donation.


Download :

membership form