Experience biology’s great epic!
February 2024

Le musée de Sciences Biologiques Dr Mérieux est un lieu pour découvrir la biologie et la lutte contre les maladies infectieuses.

The Dr Mérieux Museum of Biological Sciences is the place to discover biology and the fight against infectious diseases. We’ve been living with these diseases since Neolithic times. They have a global impact, affecting both humans and animals, and are still a burning issue today: COVID-19, AIDS, Ebola, bird flu… The fight against these scourges is being waged in every corner of the globe, by doctors and veterinarians, researchers, companies, public institutions and citizens… in a borderless approach to human, animal and environmental health. The Dr Mérieux Museum of Biological Sciences invites you to (re)discover and experience this history, which continues to be written, from February 2023, thanks to a new permanent exhibition!

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