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Whether you’re members of the same organization, colleagues, or a group of friends, we invite you to discover the challenges in the fight against infectious diseases.

The museum opens its doors to the permanent exhibition and guides you from room to room as you follow the trail of key players in the biology of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

During a personalized tour, you’ll explore the realm of the infinitely small, hear all sorts of stories about this invisible world, and learn about the challenges and latest innovations in the field of infectious diseases. Experience the great epic of biology together!

Join us in Lyon to visit the most iconic neighborhoods in the realm of health.

Lyon, a major city in the health care field, has a significant hospital and industrial heritage. Take an urban walking tour to discover the places that have made Lyon’s reputation.

Urban walking tour

Key places in Lyon’s history of medicine

Lyon is known for its importance in the medical field, a heritage dating back 15 centuries. The first hospital was founded in 542 and hospital services greatly developed thanks to Hôtel-Dieu Hospital and La Charité, a veritable institution in the fight against poverty. Many health facilities contributed to Lyon’s fight against major epidemics such as the plague and typhoid.
From King Childebert to Antonin Poncet to Rabelais, discover the history of the key people and places that contributed to the advancement of medicine and made Lyon’s reputation.

Urban walking tour

Gerland, excellence in the service of health

Once known as Lyon’s slaughterhouse district, Gerland now plays host to major players in human and animal health.
This walking tour describes the transformation of this neighborhood over time to show how it became a symbol of Lyon’s competitiveness in the health care field.

Urban walking tour

From industry to hospitals: health care in the 8th district

Though the Lumière family is best known for its achievements in photography and cinema, it also made advances in the fields of biology and medicine. The medical industry developed in the Monplaisir district at the end of the 19th century. Walk to Edouard Herriot Hospital to learn more about this little-known history.