Young audiences

Viruses, bacteria, and parasites either help us or attack us from the moment we’re born. The Museum of Biological Sciences is also designed to introduce children to the world of the infinitely small and reveal its secrets!

Biology and the fight against infectious diseases: an epic adventure on a child’s scale!

Did you know that bacteria are 1,000 times smaller than a millimeter? That viruses are even tinier? Or that the first vaccines came from cows? You can learn about all this and more, no matter your age, at the Dr. Mérieux Museum of Biological Sciences.

Permanent exhibition

The Dr. Mérieux Museum of Biological Sciences

A visit to the Dr. Mérieux Museum of Biological Sciences is a journey across centuries and continents following the trace of germs and the scientists who first discovered their existence and developed strategies to protect us. Listen to Hippocrates, play with the pioneers of biology, use optical and electron microscopes, inoculate a Petri dish, and follow in the footsteps of biology’s pioneers.

Birthday parties at the museum

Lab party

Put on your lab coat and celebrate your birthday in the Dr. Mérieux Museum of Biological Sciences laboratory. After manipulating various objects and conducting experiments, your group of future scientists will know all about germs!

Young audiences workshops

Workshops that dive into the world of the infinitely small!

You assume that germs are present when you get sick, but how well do you truly know them? The Dr. Mérieux Museum of Biological Sciences proposes workshops that will reveal everything you need to know about bacteria, viruses, and the technologies used by microbiology professionals.

On the trail of germs

Germs are all around us, on us, and even in our bodies. Some are round, others look like sticks, but they’re all microscopic! Become a veritable “expert” on germs: discover their shape, their use, their role in spreading disease, and healthy habits to protect yourself and others.

Age: from 6 to 8
Duration: 1 hour

Rock, paper… virus!

What is a virus made of? What is the purpose of the “spikes” on its surface?
Build a 3D virus out of paper and uncover the mysteries of its composition.

Age: from 6 to 10
Duration: 2 hours

All about microscopes

The microscope has revolutionized science and allowed research to progress in many fields. Let’s take a closer look at the universe of the infinitely small!

Age: from 9 to 11
Duration: 1 hour